Occupational Health Assessments

AONA Environmental has completed Occupational Air Quality monitoring and Noise at Work surveys for a large number of workplaces ranging from pharmaceutical facilities to power plants.  Our clients include Abbvie Ltd., Baxter Healthcare, Tynagh Energy Ltd., Balcas Timber Ltd., Barna Waste, Americk Packaging among others.

Air Quality

AONA Environmental have undertaken Occupational Air Quality monitoring for a range of gaseous chemicals and dusts using both personal and static sampling methods.  Frequently requested analysis includes inhalable and respirable dust, respirable silica, rubber fumes, volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), aldehydes, etc.

Sample analysis is undertaken by a UKAS accredited laboratory.  As part of our Occupational Air Quality monitoring, reporting and auditing we determine daily exposure and time weighted averaged concentrations which are compared against the relevant Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs).  Where an exceedance of occupational air quality limit values are reported, we provide cost-effective advice and solutions to resolve such issues.

Noise at Work

Noise at work surveys measure the level of noise to which employees are exposed to in their day to day working environment.  Where the continuous or regular use of machinery or power tools produce a background noise level resulting in employees having some level of difficulty holding a conversation, usually a noise survey is conducted to identify the source and determine its relative contribution to the area noise level and the employees noise exposure. A noise survey is conducted at suitable locations and time durations to ensure that monitoring is representative of the employees daily personal exposure. The standard instrument used for measuring noise is a sound level meter. In addition, AONA Environmental can provide dose badge personal noise dosimeters as a way of determining the daily personal exposure of an employee in high noise / high risk areas.

Noise at work legislation provides legal limits on noise exposure in the workplace. These limits are based on a worker’s time weighted average over an 8-hour day. The level at which employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones is 85 decibels (daily or weekly average exposure) and the level at which employers must assess the risk to workers health and provide them with information and training is 80 decibels.

By carrying out noise at work surveys and ensuring that recommended guidelines are adhered to, noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace is entirely preventable.

Our Clients Say

“Mervyn Keegan and the team at AONA Environmental Consulting has assisted us throughout the development of our projects at Evermore Renewable Energy Ltd. from planning through to operational phase since our inception in 2008.  He has provided us with excellent professional guidance in the development of our flagship projects to date. These include the operational Evermore Energy Ltd. 17 MW wood-fired CHP plant at Derry Port and the proposed Belfast Power Ltd 480 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) in Belfast Harbour Estate, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  AONA Environmentals capabilities range from environmental to occupational health and safety consultancy.  We have always found Mervyn to be personable and professional in all dealings with our project partners and relevant authorities when working on our behalf”.

Ciaran Devine – Director, Evermore Energy Ltd.

“We have worked with Mervyn Keegan on a number of large-scale development proposals and found his contribution to be invaluable.  His ability to provide robust reports within a timely manner greatly assists in delivering high quality planning applications.  AONA Environmental remains our number one point of contact when we need specialist environmental advice for major development proposals”.

Gravis Planning is a market-leading town planning and engagement consultancy active throughout the UK and Ireland.

Chris Bryson, Director, Gravis Planning.

“Assessing the potential noise impact from a single wind turbine is a key consideration during the journey of achieving planning permission.  Mervyn Keegan is a proactive, meticulous and efficient noise consultant that produces high quality noise impact assessments to the requirements of the local Environmental Health Departments.  His expertise was key to the success of Simple Power achieving planning permission for numerous single wind turbine projects through Northern Ireland.”

Stuart Clarke, Former Planning Manager at Simple Power and now Planning Consultant to Foresight Group.

“Quarryplan has consistently worked with Mervyn Keegan on several projects over the past 15 years.  The noise and air quality assessment services provided by Mervyn and his team have helped to successfully deliver numerous mineral and wind energy projects for our clients in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and across the UK. They provide competent professional assessments and reports, and what’s more they provide them on time.  Mervyn also provides highly regarded and confident affidavits and expert witness”. 

Gareth McCallion – Principal Planner, Quarryplan Ltd.

“The AONA team are great at what they do, efficient and pro-active.  Merv and the team are like an extension of our own team providing support and expertise when needed to consistently high standards which is why we don’t go anywhere else.  Would we recommend them?  Very much so”.

Chris Williams, Director, Green Life Products Ltd. t/a Glp Ecotech

“AONA Environmental Consulting have completed several noise and air quality impact assessments for water services projects managed by Nicholas O’Dwyer Limited.  The assessments were undertaken in a professional manner and addressed the requirements of the scope.  AONA Environmental also demonstrated flexibility and adaptability to amendments in the scope and in the delivery of the services”.

Richard Church, Environment Lead, Nicholas O’Dwyer

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